January 17

The Martial Arts Seminar of the Year


The Good the badSome seminars are ok, some are average and some just blow you away.

This is the latter

How does a seminar with the following sound:

– Steve Rowe Legend
– Gavin Mulholland Top Goju and Coach to Neil Goliath Grove.
– Zara Phythian, Actress and World Champion
– Eddie Quinn, The Approach (diary permitting)
– Kevin Pell Ishin, Ryu Jiu Jitsu
– Andy Gibney, JKD and Jedi Mind Tricks
– Steve Iles, Batto Do (sword work)
– Shaun Boland, Muay Thai
– Kevin Mills, Kenpo
– Tony Bailey, Jiu Jitsu
– Anthony Pillage, Pressure Points
– Joel Bennett, Krav Maga
– Mikey Wright, Defence Labs
– Gavin Richardson, International Bodyguard techniques
– Kwoklyn Big-Wan, Urban Combatives
– Lak Loi
– Harker Dean, Military Combatives
– Master Stephen, Dyde Wing Chun
– Mick Tully, CSP (diary permitting)
– Dave Giddings, Ninjitsu
– Mac Robertson, GB Kyokoshinkai Coach (diary permitting)
– Lucci Del-Gaudio, Self Protection
– Garry Smith, Top Self Defence Expert
– Kevin Mills, Kempo


Each one is an expert in their own right and could pack out their own seminars, so if you want to get in on this action the details are as follows:

2014 Feb 21st, 22nd, 23rd in Coventry at Way of the Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts
The cost is just
Three days £120 : Weekend £99


wow for more information or to book go here and give the venue a call:



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