October 29

The Most Brutal Attack Ever Captured on Video


I first saw this video a number of years ago and posted it then pulled it. There were a few reasons for this however I wanted to become known more for my writing than posting graphic content.

I think my site has grown enough that I have truly established my style of writing that I now re post this clip.

Firstly I am not using this clip as a method of getting traffic, personally I would find that grotesque. However I am posting this as a general message for those who teach martial arts and self defence training.

This website gets between 6,000 to 17,000 visitors each month depending on what I write and how much.  The visitors are mostly males who are heavily involved with either learning or teaching martial arts and self defence classes and as such I feel this video may help those individuals address their own training needs and perhaps consider how they teach self defence and martial arts, especially to females.

The clip has a back story of which there are 3 versions floating about, the incident  happened in China and depending on who you believe this was a case of a either:

a robbery where the female refused to hand over her belongings

A mentally ill person who attacked a random female

or this was a domestic incident where by the male offender is an ex partner.

Regardless of the incident back story this is a sad and tragic tale whereby a person lost their life in an unprovoked attack.  My goal in the sharing of this video is to promote learning from it, not the glorification of random violence.  So what can be learned from the video?

Well in all honesty I feel that you as teachers need to look at all 3 possible back stories and adapt your training depending on who and what you teach. This is the only way to use this clip and I feel that if you use this video to enhance how you train your students this will be the only positive thing that can come from this tragic incident.

The study of video has long been used to enhance a person ability to deal with incidents and also to train people, as a result please use and share this video responsibly.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/t7pUOPrTXGc”]


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