July 18

The Number One Fitness Exercise- Video Included


Do you want to get into shape fast?

Do you want an exercise that challenges you each time you use it?

Do you want to shred pounds of fat?

Well if you do please read on as I will be showing you the number one fitness exercise ever invented and at the end of the blog a fantastic video of how it can be adapted. Hope you enjoy it.

The Number one Fitness Exercise

I get asked from time to time about conditioning exercises. I’m in pretty good shape for a person who trains just 3 times a week and when I do train I have just 16 minutes to do so.

Now for a lot of people who visit gyms and go to regular diet clubs and spend hundreds a year on special slimming foods you may read this and use phrases such as “he has a fast metabolism” or “he is telling lies”. Well neither are true. I have actually struggled with my weight in the second half of my adult life due to a range of medical issues. The truth is that when I do train I really push myself with exercises that are hard and leave me exhausted.

I recognise that this training isn’t for everyone, however it is effective. I also combine this with some healthy eating and some not so healthy eating, occasional dieting and also a few exercise and martial arts classes. However The core part of my training is my 16 minute routine.  Now before you believe I am walking around looking like a Spartan, I am not. I have a busy schedule so I live like just as everyone else does. I don’t live in the gym and nor would I consider myself super fit. However compared with the average person I am in good shape.

The 16 minute training is built up using a selection of exercises but the number one exercise is use is the burpee. The Burpee is an exercise which was created by an American Physiologist named Royal H Burpee in 1930 whilst he was studying  for his Phd. The exercise was used to test fitness and gained popularity when it was used by the American Military to test and improve fitness. Simply put it is a squat thrust with a return to the standing position.

Well the good news is that this exercise is great, it can be changed and adapted and to be honest it simply works. The Bad news is that it hurts!!  This isn’t an easy exercise but it is one that works well. I use it in my schedule all the time and numerous athletes do as well. It is an exercise that works your arms, your core, your legs your shoulders, your backside and more!

To showcase the Burpee and what it is please take a look at the video below. This is a fantastic example of how to change burpees and make them harder and easier. This is a great workout that I am sure you will enjoy. But as always please consult a doctor before you try this or any type of exercise.


I hope you enjoy this


As always keep safe





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