September 16

The Self Defence Expert is Signing off and closing down


Hi folks,

This may come out of the blue for some of you but this post will be my final one.

I am officially closing the doors of the expert site, taking it offline, ceasing instructing and also closing down the Primal Training system.

I will be informing the HMRC that I will no longer be self employed/second income and my workshop at the MA expo will be my last outing (if they still want me and I understand if they will replace me).

The reasons for this are many. In trying to write articles, teach skills to people and chat about the martial arts I have created both positive energy and negativity in what is a very small community. There is little money in self defence training but it has the passion of  a multi million pound business. Sometimes this creates great debate, creates amazing videos and footage and other times it creates bad feeling.

As a family man I really want to concentrate on that and moving my life forward in positive directions.

I apologise to those 20 people who were going to be part of the Primal team and would like to thank Anthony Pillage and Peter Consterdine for their support and advice.

I have had a great journey and learned a lot. I know how to create and rank websites, get dvds made, apps and much more.

I will still be training  Judo and be a consumer of martial arts but will focus my energy on other things including my own training.

Before I go I would like to thank my loyal readers and give a break down of how my site works and what it has for people. When the domain expires this month it will be taken down:

Im going to break down for you exactly how this blog has helped others and to be honest I have always done it for free.

As we all know the MA industry is a hard place. Not exactly paved with gold and trust me I only ever make enough to keep my on line costs going. This is a hobby for me. I would be better off blogging about other subjects if I wanted to earn money.

So whenever I can I have helped people out and wrote articles and given a few links out here and there (links are the true currency of the web) for free.

For example. Anthony Pillage sent me some DVD’s of his, he never asked for anything but I did a review for him, totally unbiased as I had never even met the guy at that point. (its a great set and I watch it still) I did the review for that product which to date has been viewed 452 times.

Out of those 452 views 75 people clicked the link to his website and to be honest that as in my earlier days before I knew more about traffic generation methods. I have no idea how many people brought that DVD set via the link.


By far my most successful post ever was my review of the keysi fighting method. Again I earned no money for this I just wrote it because I wanted to The post has been read/ visited by 31,768 people to date.From that article 2755 people clicked on the link to go to the keysi website.

More lately the new articles on keysi and defence lab have generated 15,066 reads via 2 articles. From these 2 articles the various articles generated clicks on links to their websites as follows:

Kesyi -1739

Defence lab- 683

Other articles so far have generated a range of links- The Review of Matt D Aquinos University of Judo had 792 visits/reads with 117 clicks onto his actual site. Again I did that for free.

Keysi UK- With the reduction in Keysi instructors I did a free post for the new Keysi UK team and that generated 514 visits

I could go on and on however last year 25,380 people came to this site and in 2013 so far we have 76,513. Not bad!!


Now the only product I have ever advertised on my home page is one by Matt Frost and his Combat Resource Centre. You will have seen the banners on my site and a few facebook mentions here and there. Now those links since July have been clicked on 816 times with 287 opt ins for his free videos.

So all in all this site does generate some business for people. Rob Locks academy site received a total of 362 clicks  onto his site form my link. Rob never asked for this I did it for free. What school wouldn’t want 362 visitors to their website over 12 months.

How I measure

I have used both google analytic s and jetpack to gain my figures and both are pretty reliable although even google state that their analytics’s may not pick up a section of visitors who use certain web browsers. Needless to say Im pretty happy with the accuracy of the visits.


So there you go.

Many thanks for your time and your reading.


All the best










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