June 19

The Ultimate Martial Arts Relaxation Music and its Free To Listen to!


Martial Arts is a demanding business, there is no doubt about that. I constantly talk to students about focus and how demanding training should be, both physically and mentally.

As a result you need to place as much effort into post training as you do into the actual training. I have previously discussed writing notes down however another skill is to actually relax and meditate. Now I am not talking about chi energy or anything else like that, I am talking about winding down, closing your eyes and concentrating on your breathing and thinking about what you have learned and what you need to focus on.This is a very basic view point of meditation. However I actually call it POST TRAINING FOCUS.

Now this for me is just as important as actual training especially if I get home late and get straight into bed. I hacve learned that my mind is often awash with thoughts of what worked well, what didn’t and what I need to do. By spending 15 minutes or less just relaxing and then writing my workout diary before bed I find I drift off to sleep better

Now my father and fellow martial artist Neil Holland is not only a boxing and self defence expert but a keen composer. He has put together a great album of relaxation music which has received great feedback from composers who feature on TV and film.

The album is called sound waves and its free to listen to or to download there is a small fee. Anyway click on the link and check it out. Personally I have this album downloaded and on CD and I listen to it to relax after training on my drive home.

Click below to check it out. Remember its free to listen to so you could simply fire up your laptop after training and stick on your speakers, the choice is yours. To check it out just click on the track and hit the large play button so you can hear each track. I’m sure once you listen to it you will agree its very good and does the trick.



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