January 22

Updated University of Judo Review


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Some time ago I wrote a review for Matt D Aquinos University of Judo, to read that review click here.

Well Matt has decided to open the doors of the university for a new year and for new students so I decided it was a good time to explain just how the University of Judo has grown and what my current opinions are of it.


Well the University of Judo started with around 300 videos but that has grown to over 800 and let me say this, it really is an amazing product and I have to say that by purchasing this product you will see improvements to not only you Judo game but also your fitness and knowledge of Judo as well.

When you pay you are taken to a home screen which has all the latest videos on there. This is a great way to keep updated with fresh content. Not only are there 800 videos of Judo techniques, counters and newaza moves you get a variety of other content that makes this purchase a must.

In addition to the main University site, Matt has included every product he has ever created into the University so you get Workouts for Judo, Advanced workouts for Judo, Strength training for Judo and many more and now he has also included The Grip Fighting Workshop  which on its own sells for $25.

The Uni site is a membership format which has a variety of sections, each with their own sub sections


Strength and Conditioning


Competition Analysis


In addittion there is a contact Matt page should you need or want any advice. The magic comes because every page you click on is like a Russian Doll, there are so many layers to this site its amazing. For example I have shown a page from the site

uni of judo 2


If I click on the tachiwaza page I am taken to this

uni of Judo 4


and as you can imagine each section takes you to an absolute ton of videos and techniques, and each has Matt breaking down the moves bit by bit.

As stated you can download e books and you also have nutrition and fitness videos and books. There really is no stone left unturned here.

The university of Judo provides the student with the ability to advance their Judo knowledge to that of an International Level athlete without the requirement of getting on the national team. My own levels have increased as it provides me no end of coaching advice.

You will learn every throw and how to apply it in competition. I really love his competition analysis sections as well where Matt looks at event footage and explains what’s going on and how the throws are being set up.

If you are a Judo or BJJ player and just want to increase your skill and Judo level then you need to enrol in this product whilst you still can.

My verdict again is that this is simply the best Judo product on the market!

For more information on the university of Judo Click here


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