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Walldome Martial Arts Product Review


Walldome pic   [su_heading size=”25″]Walldome Martial Arts Product Review[/su_heading] It was last year at the TMAX Martial Arts show that I got to try out the Walldome training device and my review is long overdue. Now I dont own one so this review is based on my small use at the event however I think I can offer a good point of view about the product. [su_heading size=”25″]Why use  WallDome?[/su_heading] I have boxed for a long time and used countless versions of punch bags and wall bags. Both have their uses, I personally like both in different ways. A punch bag is great because you get to move around the bag and can have a variety of training options. Wall bags are like the opponent who keeps coming forward and wont stop. In my opinion wall bags demand greater cardio from the athlete because the thing doesn’t move and footwork becomes less of an option. They are great tools and the walldome is no different. I would like to point out that I have zero wing chun or kung fu training in my history before we go on. I say that because a lot of people will look at the Walldome and think it is just a new version of a wooden dummy. I can see how they would arise at that conclusion however I think its a lot more than that and a totally different product.


The Bad

Before I talk about the good points of this product I do have a niggle, well Im not sure its a bad point but more of a warning. The Walldome looks spongy, but trust me it isnt. I hit pretty hard however I used an MMA glove to punch the device and quickly discovered that it isnt spongy as I lost some skin on my knuckles. Now that isnt so much of a bad thing because it conditions the hands as you train however it did  make me consider if this is an appropriate device for Pro Boxing gyms.

Pro boxers are known to suffer for years with hand injuries yet I do know that no bone or hand conditioning is done or even considered. All the things that boxers strike are soft except the head in their fights. So it got me thinking of if this device would actually be worthwhile. At first I would say no but after thought I think that pro boxers could benefit from its use, however they need to understand that it is very hard and bandages and high quality bag mitts are required.

The only gripe I have is the density of the object but on the flipside it is built to last. Made from recycled tyres you will have this product forever and I cant see people breaking it. So if you own a martial arts class or gym I can see it as a great addition. However to round up my bad issues, I really think you need a sign telling people just how hard it is. Simply because it doesnt look that way, it looks like you could bounce off it. That isnt the case so people really need to build up to using it and wear good gloves in my opinion.


The Good


Part of the appeal of a product like this is that it adds an extra dimension to the training. There are either 2 or 3 domes you can strike, it has arms that can be attached and it also has a foot/ leg attachment. Anyway here is the video of me using it:

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/4mc9-g6IEbA”]


The domes are placed high, mid and low and can be adjusted. It is nice as I could double up on body and head punches and also drive elbows and knees into the targets. I also got chance to try the arm attachments. These added a whole new level as I was able to work on trapping and coming inside. The foot/ leg attachment swings and this offers you the ability to practise trips and sweeps. If you were to pad this out (its made of metal) I think you may be able to add take downs into the training. Im not certain but it could be used that way to practise ouchi gari, single leg take downs from a strike  and a few others. The actual device is a  lot of fun, and if I could fit it into my home I would do but I just dont have the room right now. The device is very nice for practising uppercut and straight shots, it gives immediate feedback because the target area/ domes are not huge striking areas so it develops precision rather than wasted strikes. I could see that after a short amount of training with this device a persons strikes would be very targeted.


Cardio- A note on training. The device really demands cardio because you are stuck in what I call the “pocket”. You have no where to go and you cant dance around it, for this reason you really are going to have fun and get fit


Overall- I think this device is excellent. The Walldome really works but be warned its not a soft punch bag, this device demands respect. Its heavy duty and designed to last. It offers a variety of training variations and you will quickly see improvements in conditioning and punching ability if used correctly. For boxers who break their hands a lot, this may actually be able to help with this issue by developing hand/ bone density.  Hard punchers will need good gloves and possibly bandages too! Its a good investment, an innovative product and I believe it is very useful. For more information check out the site https://www.walldome.com/


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