January 30

Warriors Assemble to Support Anthony Pillage


warriors assemble


If you are into the UK martial arts scene then you will know of Anthony Pillage. The larger than life persona of this pressure point expert invaded the martial arts scene and took it by storm over the last several years.

If you have met Anthony you will know that he is friendly and approachable and over the years he has supported this blog. However recently Anthony has been struck down by illness, cancer to be precise and rather than retreat into defeat, like the warrior he is Anthony has given the public an insight into his battle and in the process inspired us all.

So much so that at Anthonys Gym ‘The Way of the spiritual martial arts’ located in Coventry the UK martial arts world is gathering for a two day spectacular to support him.

And what would you call such an event ? Simple ‘Warriors Assemble’.

Anthony has over the years put on some amazing seminars but this is infact possibly the best ever!

On Feb 28th and 1st March at Anthonys Gym (see address below) you will be treated by seminars from amazing martial arts names such as Mo Teague, Alex Reid, Mick Tully, Mikey Wright, Bob Breen, Phil Norman, Trevor Roberts and many many more.

You will be taught over 2 days by the most experienced martial artists on the planet and in more systems than you can you could dream of, from Defence LAB and Systema to JKD and RBSD.

The cost is £50 for one day and £80 for 2 and both days are action packed!!!

So do yourself and go to www.wayofthespiritualwarrior.co.uk and book your spot today!

Way of the Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts

518-520 Foleshill Road, CV6 5HP Coventry, United Kingdom


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