What is Self Defence?

Would you know what to do if you were attacked in the street, park or other public location?

It’s a frightening thought for many people and personal safety is something that we take for granted.  More often than not the belief is, ‘it’ll never happen to me’ and self defence training is something we give little thought to.  Sorry to the bearer of bad news but personal attacks are on the increase in the UK so put some thought into self defence training. People that have taken part in self defence training have a better chance of fending off their attacker thanks to the techniques that are taught as part of personal safety training. The self defence training isn’t a martial art, it teaches people about how they can react to frightening situations and the best defence techniques they can use.

Don’t be a victim

Give yourself the best chance to escape from an attack with self defence training.  You won’t turn into Bruce Lee but you’ll be given highly beneficial tuition about the best course of action to take in the event of an attack.  Classes in self defence training are conducted around the country and if you are serious about personal safety training you can enrol on the next course. It takes about 4 hours to complete the self defence training and during this time you’ll be taught abut personal safety awareness in your life.  As well as learning self-defence skills the self defence training will help you to understand what options are available to you if you are unfortunate to be in a confrontational situation.

Training for the workplace

People can be assaulted for a variety of reasons.  Workers in the public sector are under constant threat from attack.  Nurses, security guards, customer service agents and any person-facing role can leave a subject open to attack.

Comprehensive self defence training can be provided for workers whose wellbeing might be placed in danger. Corporate self defence training is becoming increasingly popular with more organisations sending their workforce on personal safety training courses.  Pre-warned is pre-armed and self defence training can teach people the techniques they need to build confidence in their own abilities.  It can be extremely frightening to be faced with an aggressive individual and the skills taught on the self defence training can be extremely useful in this type of situation.