July 4

Why Google Glass Will Change Self Defence and Martial Arts Forever


It has been said that the emergence of the UFC and mixed martial arts changed the worlds view of the martial arts industry. Long hidden in community centres and high schools the martial arts can now exist in vast purpose built premises, we have athletes who are at the peak of physical conditioning and for the first time there are million dollar pay checks available to athletes and endorsement deals from truly international brands.

But what does the future hold for martial arts? What will be the next evolution? Take a look at the video for Google Glass and I will explain


For those that still aren’t certain, Google Glass or Project Glass as it is called is Googles hardware project that could revolutionise the world. The basic idea is that the user wears a   pair of glasses that displays the internet in front of the eye. If you have watched the video you will realise that it contains a camera, microphone  and GPS so that the user will be able to take photos, link up with a smart phone, send texts, emails and use voice control.

Now already the world is taking notice and the martial arts world should be as well. In the future this could mean video displayed lessons direct to your eyes correcting your posture, movement and more. Imagine having a private lesson in Grip Fighting with Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson, practising groundwork with Braulio Estima and working on your kick boxing with Anderson Silva. The possibilities are endless.

This is the future folks and its coming in 2014. So whilst the first version may just offer a tiny glimpse into the potential of martial arts it is easy to let your imagination see that online programmes can potentially step up a gear with the correct programming. We have already seen Xbox Connect and Playstation Move taking the game up a level with martial arts and UFC interactive games. How long will it be before we have another leap with gaming so that we have totally interactive martial arts and self defence systems that can be taught without a real instructor?

Still need convincing? Well imagine an interactive punch bag (like a Body Opponent Bag) connected to Google glass. However instead of seeing the punch bag you see a real life opponent. Yes you feel the the impact but you see a real life person that you are punching. Then take your imagination onto self defence scenarios where you can actually train awareness through the use of Google Glass.

Whilst such things will be a while away, ask yourself just what phone you were using 10 years ago?


Take care and keep safe







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  1. It’d be interesting for occasional one-on-ones with instructors I couldn’t meet in person, but over-reliance on these (like over-reliance on gloves) would have a damaging effect on an individual’s ability.

    I see it as similar to a current Android app that allows you to place your phone on your dashboard and receive a feed of information, including a colour-coded placeholder around the car in front telling you when to slow down based on its distance and speed. On paper this sounds great, but when you get people looking through a screen instead of at what they want to see you invariably get problems. I can imagine personal security apps built into these, analysing situations for you, noticing things for you, etc, which will (in the majority of people) beget complacency. In the same way that we get people doing one self-protection class and thinking they’re now ok to take shortcuts through the park home because they ‘know self-protection’, I think these could end up with similar mindsets of ‘I don’t need to stay aware – the goggles will for me’. Not with every user of course – those already switched-on (if you’ll pardon the pun) would be able to use it as an augmentative tool rather than a crutch, but the ramifications of trusting a machine, especially one that is Internet-enabled, are many and serious.

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