Why You Must Know Your Limitations- Brave Man Gets Beaten

Its once again time to continue our look at awareness and how it can save your life. I was planning on pointing out the signs to look out for and avoid so you can spot the potential for violence, however I came across this clip and decided to share it with you and take from it an important learning curve. Remember if you like this post and want more like it direct to your inbox go to www.theselfdefenceexpert.com and sign up for the newsletter. The clip is very brutal!

The lesson to be learned from the clip is that we must all learn and know our limitations. This is essential to every action we take. In the clip I will share with you in a second there is a mini riot going on in Vancouver. A few good citizens stop and try and prevent looting going on. I suggest watching the first minute to get the idea then skip to 2.50 into the clip and you will see the point I am making. You see that the person trying to stop the looting actually gets hurt. I applaud his intention and his bravery however is this store worth taking this beating for?

This is something we all have to consider when we face the threat of physical force. If you were to be robbed what would you do? Would you fight back because of your ego? Would you fight because you don’t want to lose your money? Would you fight to stop the car thieves stealing your car? All of these questions you need to think about right now. The reason you need to think about it is that we all have limitations, I know what mine are but do you know yours? I know that I could engage with a small number of people and likely survive the encounter. I know exactly how many that number is but it is dependant on the size and ability of those involved. However I also know that despite the fact I would be likely to survive I also know I could be badly injured as well. As a result I will always look for an alternative to violence.

I know that if someone pulled a knife on me and demanded my cash I would give it to them. The reason is simple, all he has to do is stick the pointy end into me to end my life. In contrast if I wanted to fight back I would have to take the knife off him and in the process likely to get hurt badly as well.

I have no ego when it comes to my life or the life of my loved ones. Property can be replaced you cant.

So I want you to consider, no matter how skilful you may be or perhaps you have never trained in your life, is it really worth the risk? And is their an alternative?

These 2 questions ALWAYS come into my mind before every encounter. They are my check list. If there is an alternative I take it. Now that doesnt mean that there will not be a time that I HAVE to and WILL fight back. The circumstances will dictate this to me. However I always and I do mean always look for an alternative and ask myself.

Is it Worth It?

Is there and alternative?

When I say worth by the way I mean what are the risks to myself and my loved ones and what happens if I don’t fight back because not fighting back can be equally dangerous at times. However that is another aspect I will cover in future

Any way check out the video and see what I mean. Amazing bravery however it ends very badly.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y7dZcieU4A?rel=0]

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Keep Safe

Andrew Holland


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