Workouts for Judo a review and an Update!


Hi I first reviewed Matt D Aquinos workouts some time ago and here is the link. The actual review on this site is a re blog from by other site I own. However I thought it might be good to focus on what this book had actually helped me to achieve as to give you a point of reference for the future if you have purchased this product.

Now before I go on, I am a qualified fitness instructor with years of boxing and Judo experience so I know how to get fit! That wasn’t my issue, it was time in relation to my training and focusing it for Judo when I wasn’t on the mat. This especially took new meaning for me as I was a new Dad and was getting smoked on them at by younger, fitter Judo players.

I had enough and after subscribing to Matt’s blog and his videos I took the plunge and clicked the pay now button on his site. The product which I reviewed was expensive and I reviewed it reflecting the cost. I actually even commented about the price.

Well how wrong can a man be but before lets look at my weight


heres the proof

Now I started following Matts workouts and did them to the letter and after 6 months of workouts and diets I was down to a walk around weight of 83kilos and fighting at under 81!

Now I will say that it was the diet ( my special secret) combined with the new fitness programme provided by Matt’s Workouts for Judo Book.

The proof of my end weight: here it is!!

Now this would not have been possible without the help of Matt D Aquino and his Workouts for Judo Book. I followed several of his programmes he wrote about and to be honest stuck with one. This helped me no end and developed my match fitness.

So All I can say is thank you to Matt. His videos, his products and his knowledge helped me. Not because I didnt know how to get fit, but he provided me with a plan. In fact it was an exact plan! that got my weight down and my fitness to a massive high.

The photos are pure proof!

For more information on the product that got me fit Click Here! or simply click on the e book cover! I only rave about products I have purchased and used!



Andrew Holland


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