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Workouts For Judo By Matt D’Aquino Book Review



Matt D’Aquino is a Judo player for Austrailia who has created an excellent website called Beyond Grappling and has actually done an awful lot for grappling instruction for free. He created a yout tube channel with over 200 free videos on grappling. Now normally when someone does this the techniques are ones we all know and love. So we get taught what we already know, and most people usually press stop before the end of the clip.

Now Matt has bucked that trend to create videos with some really useful content. From reviews, to fitness and techniques. His videos are actually quality stuff that he could have easily filled a DVD with and sold that instead.  So when he created his first e book I was keen to get it. After all if this is what his free stuff is like, the product’s he charges for must be off the scale!

Im a really busy person and as such my training time is limited, therefore I need to be on the money with what training I do. That means no wasted time. As such I need specific workouts for my sports and Judo is something that I have always struggled with fitness wise unless I can get to the dojo. Now Im a dad and work full time,  time is at a minimum for me. So what I wanted was a book that showed me how to get Judo fit that didnt need a lot of money or access to a gym.

So lets look if the book lived up to my needs.

Well firstly the delivery is instant download. That great, it means no packaging or explaining to the wife when the post arrives. Secondly I dont have to pay Import taxes. So if you are producing a product In my opinion this is the option I want to see. Next, the product has 2 free e books if you order in the first 7 days. Now to be honest these really arent worth much money so Im not going to review them. Having read them I wouldnt pay for them, but they were a nice bonus with a few interesting touches and a good reference guide.

So what about the book its self. Workouts for Judo is a well put together E book, full of photos of the exercises and this is how it starts. A truck load of exercises, nothing new to most people but some nice variations and a clear explanantion of why each exercise is important for Judo. Then he goes into details about putting the exercises into workouts.

For me this is the key to good training and he uses a series of explosive exercises that develop speed,agility and power.Now Im not going to fool you and say that this book is perhaps worth the £26 I paid for it, as I do think this is slightly over priced, perhaps £18 would have been more appropriate, however what he has done is set a nice series of almost endless workouts, which arent boring but are fun. So the argument could be had that if my Judo improves and so does my fitness then the book is worth it. You do get advice on training, eating and warm ups etc. So there is a lot of variety.

The big question is going to be “do I think you should get it ?”

Well Im going to leave that one up to you this time, as the question will be all about you. If you get to Judo 3 times a week and are young and fit anyway, then I dont really think that you will gain a great deal. After all you are already fit, perhaps you will be able to increase that fitness but if you are at that level perhaps you will know whats in the book already.

However if you are like me, a Judo fan but struggle to get to training with the pressures of life etc, then this is definately for you. The list of workouts alone is amazing and this will help you to increase your fitness for Judo.

Ok, now given the price, the quality and the free books my overall rating is going to be!!!!!!!!

5 out of 5 Gold medal winner!!!!!!!

Why you may ask if I have just said the book sint fior everyone, well thats simple. Matt has produced over 200 videos for free which he could have easily put into his e book and charged more. He hasnt done this, instead he gave that for free and Im sure he will try and do the same for even longer.  So if you were to take his free videos and advice add the books and put them all together I think you would be looking at a DVD series that costs about £100. So Im awarding his book 5 stars and a gold medal as he has chosen to go about the business a different way. He has produced a book that is good but slightly over priced in my view, but he produced that much free goods and 2 free e books that you cant argue with it.


so once again 5 stars out of 5, get it if you are having fitness issues, get it if you are a coach, get it if you teach kids and get it to support Matt. The only people who dont need it will be super fit gym goers who are elite Judo players anyway.

lots of photos, lots of workouts,lots of ideas to keep a class fresh. So Its a nice product.

***** 5 out of 5 Good book


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