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So Who Am I and Why Am I In A Position To Help You?  

My name is Andrew Holland and I am the owner of The Self Defence

For the last 8 years, I have written articles on self-defence, survival, prepping and martial arts that have been read by over 500,000 people. 

Not only am I a Judo black belt, a former boxer, fitness instructor and experienced in numerous martial arts, I am a police veteran with over 17 years experience.  

I have seen the realities of violence first hand and I am now here to help you.

Self-Defence Questions and Answers

what does self-defence mean?

What Does Self-Defence Mean?

Self-defence is the legal term for the lawful use of force onto another human being, when subject to physical attack. 

This term has since been used to decsribe skills taught to others so that they can stay safe from attack, inmcrease confidence and go about their day to day lives with fear of criminal attack

what are the benefots of self-defence

What Are The Benefits of Self-Defence

Learning self-defence can provide a range of benefits, both physical and mental. On a physical level, self-defence training can help to build strength, stamina and coordination. It can also teach people how to better protect themselves in the event of an attack.

On a mental level, self-defence can help to build confidence and improve problem-solving skills. 

It can also provide a sense of empowerment and greater peace of mind.

In addition, self-defence can be a great way to meet new people and make friends. Whether you're looking to improve your fitness or boost your confidence, learning self-defence is a great way to achieve your goals.

Can You Hit Someone If They provoke You?

The short answer is no, you cannot hit someone simply because they provoke you. This is because, as a general rule, people are not allowed to use violence against others, even if they are feeling angry.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Such as if you feel you are about to be attacked immediately. This can be evidenced through their aggressive langauge, behaviour, body language or indeed their presence at your location. 

Context is everything.

Can You Carry a Weapon to Defend Yourself?

It depends on where you live in the world. In the UK it is illegal to carry any object that is made, used, intended or adapted to cause harm to another person.

However there are some exceptions to this such as the use of reasonable force. For example, if you are attacked by someone with a weapon, you can also grab an object to protect yourself. 

However in the US an other countries, some states and nations have rules that allow you to carry weapons, some even allow concealed firearms. Check the laws for your areas for further information.

Some Facts About Me

    • Joined the Police At 16 Years of Age As a Cadet
    • Became  Full Time Officer At 18
    • Was British Police Boxing Champion
    • British Police Judo Champion Kyu Grade Divsion
    • Judo Black Belt
    • Qualified Fitness Instructor
    • Former Pro Boxing Inspector
    • Appeared on BBC Radio  2 as a Self Defence Expert
    • Training in Vale Tudo and Grappling
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