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The Self Defence Expert

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones in every self-defence & survival situation.

 Learn The Strategies That Kept Me Safe Over 17 Years in Law Enforcement and learn how to keep your loved ones safe no matter what life throws at you

 In-Depth  Self Protection & Survival Articles And Advice

We Will Show You Exactly How  You Can Improve Your Self Defence and survival ability 

So Who Am I and Why Am I In A Position To Help You?  

My name is Andrew Holland and I am the owner of The Self Defence Expert.com.

For the last 8 years, I have written articles on self-defence, survival, prepping and martial arts that have been read by over 500,000 people. 

Not only am I a Judo black belt, a former boxer, fitness instructor and experienced in numerous martial arts, I am a police veteran with over 17 years experience.  

I have seen the realities of violence first hand and I am now here to help you.

Some Facts About Me

    • Joined the Police At 16 Years of Age As a Cadet
    • Became  Full Time Officer At 18
    • Was British Police Boxing Champion
    • British Police Judo Champion Kyu Grade Divsion
    • Judo Black Belt
    • Qualified Fitness Instructor
    • Former Pro Boxing Inspector
    • Appeared on BBC Radio  2 as a Self Defence Expert
    • Training in Vale Tudo and Grappling
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