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Our Mission: To Teach You How To Keep Yourself And Your Loved Ones Safe And How To Survive The Worst Situations

Welcome to The Self Defence Expert, a self-defence and survival blog that is designed to help you to stay safe…no matter what the world throws at you.


My name is Andrew Holland, the founder of The Self-Defence Expert.

Founded in 2012 and featured on BBC Radio 2 and in numerous magazines the aim of this blog is to be a beacon of truth in the self-defence, personal safety and survival world.


Because I know first hand how much crap there is out there being taught both in-person and online.

So why should you listen to me?

Well, let’s start with my journey.

My martial arts journey started at aged 11 with reading….(yes that ancient art of picking up a book).

I would spend my pocket and later my paper round cash on martial arts books, why? Because I was being bullied to fuck at school.

This bullying even lead to being viciously assaulted by 2 youths, so bad was the attack that he was prosecuted by the police. This was at the tender age of just 11 years.

My only crime……being a nice kid.

Needless to say, I soon started boxing and all the time educating myself on Martial Arts.

At 16 I joined the police cadets, a specialist scheme at the time for 16 year olds to train full time to be police officers at 18.

Yes, over 2 years of training.

It was here that I was taught survival skills during intensive training camps, extensive first aid skills and of course self-defence skills from a wide range of Martial Arts.

I was emersed in training from people who had spent years using their skills on the street to deal with the most violent thugs out there.

Over the years I continued to box, becoming the British Police Champion, I became a Judo black belt and trained in more martial arts than I can recall.

And of course, I have dealt with more violent people than I could possibly remember.

Sadly in 2015 I was diagnosed with chronic (the kind that can kill you on the spot) Asthma and my police career was over.

So, this blog is going to bring you everything I know about self-defence and survival, along with guest experts, videos and much more.

If you truly care about protecting yourself, welcome to the blog that will teach you exactly what you need to know.


Andrew Holland

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