About This Blog

Welcome to The Self Defence Expert.com and our little about page.

So, what is this blog and who's behind it?

Well, the man behind it all is me. Andrew Holland:

So, who the heck am I?

Well, I'm a 42 year old ex police officer, ex boxer and Judo black belt.

I've taught self-defence for years and this blog is designed to mentally educate you with skills, knowledge and options for thinking differently when it comes to self-defence, survival, Martial Arts and protecting what you have worked for and care about.

Now, I know the Martial Arts world has a lot of ego's and so, people like to think they know it all, or have seen it all.

Well, here's my CV.

Joined the police at aged 16 as a cadet

Became a regular police officer at 18.

Started boxing around 11 years of age.

British Police Boxing champion

Kyu Grade Police Sport UK Judo Champion

Counter Terrorism Search trained

Judo Black Belt

Qualified Police Sgt

17 Year Police career

Certified fitness instructor

Have investigated literally over 1000 violent incidents as a police officer.

30 plus years experience in a wide range of Martial Arts.

And, I'm sure there is a lot more. But you get the idea, I've had a lot more real life experience than some and a lot less than others.

And here's some footage of me in action:

I put these up so people can see how long I've been doing this for.

So, dive into our site, enjoy the content and keep coming back for more.


Andrew Holland