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Anthony Pillage’s Meridian Attack System- DVD Review


Now before I talk about my Review of Anthony Pillages Meridian Attack System DVD review I think I need to clear up my views on pressure points within self defence and the martial arts. Hold on to your hats as we are in for a bumpy ride.

Most People don’t know that I have actually trained in pressure points and actually used them in real life! So I am not speaking from the point of view of a person with just a martial arts background. However, pressure points are for me a subject that I find irritating possibly due to the sheer amounts of people who claim to be pressure point experts. So here is my view on pressure points.

The human body is made up of tissues and nerve endings that are connected in such ways, that clearly there will be parts of the body which have clusters of nerve endings and locations where muscles meet and bones connect. These areas can be vulnerable to manipulation and if attacked can produce massive amounts of pain and discomfort.

Now this doesn’t mean that I believe in NO TOUCH Knock outs as I don’t! However pressure points exist, don’t believe me? Well you haven’t ever grappled with a person who passes guard by jamming their elbow into the inner part of your thigh, or a person who places you in a an Achilles lock. All of these are pressure points as well. So in actual fact almost all martial arts use pressure points, even boxing targets the ‘sweet spot’ on the chin.

My issue with pressure points is the people that say that you can take out any man by punching a point on a man’s body the size of a 10 pence coin. The reason I don’t like this type of training is that in my experience when you are faced with aggression your body has such a flush of adrenaline that fine motor skills become very difficult, and finding a tiny spot on a persons body is near on impossible. Now that’s before you add drugs, mental state and alcohol into the equation.

So the final verdict on pressure points is some of them are real and some are useful. However there are so many out there who are teaching techniques on a compliant training partner that wouldn’t work in real life against a person trying to rip your head off!!

Anthony Pillage’s Meridian Attack System- DVD Review

Now that is sorted lets get on with the review.

When I got the DVD package I was immediately taken back by the size of this product. I have 6 DVD’s and all in nicely created packaging. In fact I actually missed the delivery and had to go to the postal depot to pick it up as it was too big for the letter box.  This gives you a feeling of money well spent. And it actually smacks of quality from the outset.

The next thing that strikes you is the picture quality, pure high definition look and you get a feeling that this is as good as blue ray. Yet it is still only a DVD!! However a nice camera and a good box is just one thing, what about the product itself?

Well I was actually very very shocked,. Because I really enjoyed it!

I’m sorry Anthony I was expecting this pressure point DVD to be average and full of hocus pocus. Instead I actually got a very down to earth product that spoke with sense and reality in mind. Firstly Anthony’s teaching style is very good. He comes across as a humble yet experienced teacher who is really confident and knows his subject matter inside and out.

The actual DVD set is so full of training that it has taken me ages to go through it. I have to say I dont agree with everything on the set or everything that Anthony teaches but that aside it is still packed, and I do mean packed with real gems of techniques that are very very effective.

So here’s the run down:

DVD1- This DVD has some great input on pressure points and is a great introduction to the set. The best part of this DVD for me were some very nice leg manipulations techniques and take downs.

DVD 2- A great disc this one, it shows some entries that could easily be added into my game and many others. We see a good explanation of using the forearms and elbows, neck manipulations and even wrist take downs. As well as a good look at a nice move using a figure 8 motion to increase power into a strangle. Very cool.

DVD 3- This dvd continues with a good talk about a kicking technique, ankle stomps and a very nice but weird double neck/head strike that I have never seen before but liked straight away.

DVD4- My least favourite dvd of the set, some blocking techniques I didn’t like but with some nice leg buckles


This DVD is really the gem of the set. It is actually the best DVD of its sort I have seen. It shows some very good headlock escapes, some great take downs from the clinch and neck  grabs that work. It is like a very dirty grappling dvd that has some real techniques that you would be able to use when things get up close and personal in a fight.

DVD 6- This is a disc that explains the use of s small stick and pressure points.Again some nice stuff on this disc and its very unusual.

Now that is my take on the set, you might enjoy parts I didn’t. However what you get is actually a product which is first rate! Tony teaches with class, clarity and style. The actual set goes really in depth into the subject of pressure points including the history, the use and both practical and dojo application.

Now you do pay for a set like this, you get 6 DVDS and they cost £57.97. However the product is first class. From production to techniques and actually the teaching.

From the point of view of a person that isn’t really into pressure points, Tony actually puts the use of pressure points into practical application. Yes I didnt agree with everything on the DVD, sometimes there were techniques that I just thought wouldn’t work. However I liked an awful lot of it and would recommend this product without hesitation.

You get a lot for your money and I will say that without doubt you get a view of pressure points which is not overshadowed by what I refer to as ‘hocus pocus’. I like to judge products on value. Not just what they cost but what you get from them. This dvd is actually packed with footage and techniques that work. You will be able to learn how to perform them by the sheer detail that Tony breaks each one down. I really like his teaching style.

My rating is 4 out of 5.

Only let down by the lack of a menu system on each DVD and just the odd technique that I didn’t like. However if you are into pressure points then this is an essential purchase and if you want to add effective self defence techniques into your training then this DVD has them in abundance. I recommend this product without hesitation.

Now to get the DVD and more information click here

I don’t earn any money for this review folks, I don’t know Tony and this isn’t an affiliate link. All my reviews are honest. He is my friend on face book but we have never met.



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