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I Flows- The New Fitness Programme That Will Change Your Life


i flows

I first met Paul Gray when he came to a seminar I was teaching at the MA Expo and we immediately hit it off. He is a quiet man who embodies health and fitness in a way I have not come across before.

At first glance Paul appears to be small and could almost be called skinny but during that seminar I went hands on to show Paul a technique and discovered that pound for pound Paul is easily one of the strongest people I have met. I admit that at that time I knew very little about Paul other than his nickname is FIRE POWER. I have to admit, after the seminar I looked at Paul and wondered how this skinny guy was so strong?

Paul is actually an Aikido expert but that really is just the tip of the iceberg with his knowledge because I would easily say that Paul Gray is an expert in physical health and fitness like no other person I have met. Through our numerous conversations I will not hesitate to say that Paul has vast resources of knowledge on flexibility, nutrition and fitness. He lives and breathes fitness and if you are following him on facebook you will quickly see that Paul serves up daily advice and motivation to his friends and followers not to mention photos of his amazing meals that he shares on line.

So when Paul produced his first product which he calls I Flows I went online and handed over my £19 gladly and within minutes I was treated to a tour de force of Paul Grays knowledge. It was money well spent.

So what is I flows? Well it really is difficult to put a descriptive term onto it but remember when I said that Paul Gray was pound for pound one of the strongest men I have met, well when you watch this dvd download you will know why! I flows is like a combination of strength training, yoga, dance, callisthenics, stretching and self control.

The reason its so hard to put into words is because Ive never seen anything like this before but the basic premise is that you will become far more flexible and far stronger through the correct use of your own body. Its a bit of a cryptic message but like I said its hard to explain. So its probably best for you to take a look at his trailer:

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/F_3cp3jeCfc”]

The DVD package is full of huge HD videos that consist of 2 flows. Fire and water. Both are packed full of different exercises which Paul shows in amazing detail, its not just a case of Paul showing a  move, he explains it in vast detail including the problems you may encounter. Following this he takes you through the exercises and then how to combine them together and ‘flow’.

Some of the exercises I found easy but the vast majority of them showcased just how inflexible I really am and just how little strength I really have! This is true personal mastery and self control.

What I really liked about this package is that you can build your own ‘flow’ from the get go. Sure some of the exercises I cant do yet and I’m building up to it slowly, but I can still put some ‘i flows’ together and you know what, it looks and feels really cool when you put just a few of the flows together.

The package that you get has the following:

Water Flow

6 in depth instructional videos.
2 follow along videos (1 with commentary).
1 free flow follow along video.
1 Water flow worksheet.

Fire Flow

7 in depth instructional videos.
2 follow along videos (1 with commentary).
1 free flow video.
1 Fire flow worksheet.

As you can see it’s pretty in depth but who will benefit from this? Well in truth anyone will. No matter your age or your levels of ability you can start doing this to improve your health and mobility. However for martial artists I really recommend this product, be it BJJ, Judo or any art, this package will test you, even if you are the strongest guy in your club then this programme will test you because it is all about you V’s yourself.

I cant recommend this product enough, it really is an amazing experience and a high quality package. You wont be disappointed

To get more information on this product go to Pauls website by clicking here

Keep training folks




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