December 27

Google Knows Where You Have Been- And YOU can view it!


google location 2



Yes its hard to believe but Google is tracking your location and many of you have no idea it is doing it. I personally love google but did you ever hear about a separate google site called “Google Location History”? Yes I thought not. Here is the link

Its  a little known feature that Google use to track your whereabouts take a look at the data from a recent visit to york I made

Google location track

Its not that this service is not useful but few people understand that google uses wifi and a range of other methods to track you and you can view a history of the locations you have been to including streets on the google location history. This is not the same as GPS and often is down to apps you have installed on your phone/ tablet.

Over the next few weeks I will explain how you can deal with this issue but to check out how google is following you go and see your own location history at google by clicking here

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