March 26

Why 50 % of Martial Arts Schools Will Go Out Of Business This Year


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[su_heading]Over 50 % of Martial Arts Schools Could Go Out Of Business This Year[/su_heading]

This may come as a shock to some of you but the vast majority of martial arts schools are going to go out of business and fast! But how do I know this?  I’m not a psychic, but I do know about the internet and web sites and Google is about to stop sending web traffic to some martial arts websites on 21st April 2015.

Now before you flip out let me explain. On 21st April Google will roll out its latest search algorithm update. This update is focused on one aspect alone, mobile searches on the internet.

So what does this mean? Well Ill put it like Google did, either your website is mobile friendly or it isnt. This is as cut and dry as it gets. So how will this effect your business? Pretty badly to be honest as it is estimated that as much as 50% of Google searches take place on mobile devices. So in essence if your website is not mobile friendly then it will not rank as well as a mobile friendly one. Potentially Google wont even show the site at all in its search results on mobile devices.

I did a check and there are about 50% of martial arts clubs or schools with websites that arent mobile friendly. Most of the big martial arts organisation and governing bodies don’t even have mobile friendly websites.

mobile friendly

This means that when a person searches on a mobile device for your club, school, martial arts in your area or whatever keywords you target for your business then a Google is likely to bring the mobile friendly sites first. This means that your competitors sites could come back above your own or your site simply doesn’t even appear in the results at all.

So what can you do?

Id like to say that this is going to be easy but for a lot of people you will need a whole new website making for you. I googled a lot of schools and they are not mobile friendly and in the age of internet and mobile devices this will have serious impact on martial arts club that are slow on the uptake.

You may at first notice less traffic or leads form your web site or potentially you may experience your site simply give virtually zero website returns.

How do you check if your website is mobile friendly? Simple, Google has a free tool for you to check: click here

All you need to do is to enter your site and let google check for you, it takes a few seconds to get the verdict.

mobile freindly 2


Feel free to google all about the 21st April update as the web is full of information about it but if you want some personal free advice fill in our contact form on our home page or message us via facebook.

Sorry to give bad news but you have until 21st April to get it sorted!

If you are struggling to understand how this will change your business then please get in touch

All the best



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