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The Complete List of Judo Techniques


Judo is one of the most popular martial arts in the world. It is considered an Olympic sport and includes throws, pins, joint locks as well as chokes and immobilizing techniques.

This article will provide you with a complete list of judo techniques to help you improve your game!

The Complete List of Judo Techniques

Ukemui – Judo Breakfalls & Rolls

Zenpo Kaiten – Forward Roll Breakfall
Mae Ukemi – Forward Breakfall
Yoko Ukemi – Side Breakfall
Ushiro Ukemi – Back Breakfall
Nage Waza – Judo Throws

Te Waza – Judo Throws (Hand Techniques)

Morote Seoi Nage – Two Hand Shoulder Throw
Kata Guruma – Shoulder Wheel
Yama Arashi – Mountain Storm
Ippon Seoi Nage – One Hand Shoulder Throw. Also known as Seoi Nage.
Kouchi Gaeshi – Minor Inner Reap Reversal
Sumi Otoshi – Corner Drop
Sukui Nage – Scoop Throw
Uchi Mata Sukashi – Inner Thigh Void Throw
Kibisu Gaeshi – One Hand Reversal
Tai Otoshi – Body Drop
Kuchiki Taoshi – Single Leg Takedown
Uki Otoshi – Floating Drop
Obi Otoshi – Belt Drop
Morote Gari – Two Hand Reap

Koshi Waza – Judo Throws (Hip Techniques)

Tsurikomi Goshi – Lifting & Pulling Hip Throw
O Goshi – Major Hip Throw
Hane Goshi – Spring Hip Throw
Uki Goshi – Floating Hip Throw
Sode Tsurikomi Goshi – Sleeve Lifting & Pulling Hip Throw
Utsuri Goshi – Hip Shift Throw
Ashi Waza – Judo Throws (Foot Techniques)
Ushiro Goshi – Rear Throw
Tsuri Goshi – Lifting Hip Throw
Daki Age – High Lift
Harai Goshi – Sweeping Hip Throw
Koshi Guruma – Hip Wheel

Tsubame Gaeshi – Swallow Counter
Deashi Harai – Front Foot Sweep
Uchi Mata – Inner Thigh Throw
O Guruma – Large Wheel
Ouchi Gaeshi – Major Inner Reaping Counter
Kosoto Gari – Minor Outside Reaping Throw
Osoto Gari – Major Outside Reaping Throw
Kouchi Gari – Minor Inner Reaping Throw
Harai Tsurikomi Ashi – Lift Pull Foot Sweep
Osoto Guruma – Major Outer Wheel
Kosoto Gake – Minor Outer Hook
Hane Goshi Gaeshi – Spring Hip Counter
Uchi Mata Gaeshi – Inner Thigh Throw Counter
Harai Goshi Gaeshi – Hip Sweep Counter
Ashi Guruma – Leg Wheel
Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi – Lifting Pulling Ankle Throw
Osoto Gaeshi – Major Outside Reaping Counter
Osoto Otoshi – Major Outer Drop
Hiza Guruma – Knee Wheel
Okuri Ashi Harai – Sliding or Following Foot Sweep
Ouchi Gari – Major Inner Reaping Throw
Sutemi Waza – Sacrifice Techniques

Yoko Wakare – Side Separation
Hikikomi Gaeshi – Pull-In Reversal
Sumi Gaeshi – Corner Reversal
Hane Makikomi – Springing Wrap Around
Uchi Mata Makikomi – Inner Thigh Wrap Around
Uchi Makikomi – Inner Wrap Around
Yoko Guruma – Side Wheel
Tomoe Nage – Circle Throw
Uki Waza – Floating Drop
Osoto Makikomi – Major Outside Wrap Around
Tawara Gaeshi – Rice Bag Reversal Throw
Daki Wakare – High Separation
Harai Makikomi – Hip Sweep Wrap Around
Ura Nage – Rear Throw
Soto Makikomi – Outer Wrap Around
Yoko Otoshi – Side Drop
Yoko Gake – Side Hook
Tani Otoshi – Valley Drop

Katame Waza – Judo Grappling Techniques

Osae Waza – Pinning Techniques

Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame – Broken Top Four Corner Hold
Shime Waza – Choking Techniques
Yoko Shiho Gatame – Side Four Corner Hold
Kata Gatame – Shoulder Drop
Kami Shiho Gatame – Top Four Corner Hold
Kesa Gatame – Scarf Hold
Tate Shiho Gatame – Vertical Four Corner Hold
Kuzure Kesa Gatame – Broken Scarf Hold

Ryo Te Jime – Two Handed Choke
Kata Juji Jime – Half Cross Choke
Do Jime – Trunk Lock, Trunk Squeeze, Trunk Strangle, etc.
Sode Guruma Jime – Sleeve Wheel Choke
Hadaka Jime – Rear Naked Choke
Okuri Eri Jime – Sliding Lapel Choke
Tsukkomi Jime – Thrust Choke
Nami Juji Jime – Normal Cross Choke
Gyaku Juji Jime – Reverse Cross Choke
Kata Te Jime – Single Hand Choke
Kansetsu Waza – Joint Lock Techniques
Sankaku Jime – Triangle Choke
Kata Ha Jime – Single Wing Choke

Kinshi-Waza – Forbidden techniques. These have been banned from many Judo competitions.
Ude Hishigi Ude Gatame – Straight Arm Lock
Ashi Garami – Leg Lock
Ude Hishigi Hiza Gatame – Knee Arm Bar
Ude Hishigi Hara Gatame – Stomach Arm Bar
Ude Hishigi Juji Gatame – Cross Arm Bar
Ude Hishigi Sankaku Gatame – Triangle Lock
Ude Hishigi Te Gatame – Hand Lock
Ude Hishigi Waki Gatame – Armpit Lock
Ude Hishigi Ashi Gatame – Leg Arm Bar
Ude Garami – Bent Arm Lock

Ashi Garami – Entangled Leg Lock
Do Jime – Trunk Strangle, Trunk Squeeze, etc.
Kani Basami – Scissors Throw, Flying Scissors, Scissors Sweep, etc.
Kawazu Gake – One Leg Entanglement
List of Judo Throwing Techniques (or Nage Waza) – Each of the sections below contain instructions for many different throwing techniques.

Judo Throws-Foot Techniques (or Ashi Waza techniques) –
Judo Throws-Hand Techniques (or Te Waza techniques) – This section contains Judo throws such as Shoulder Wheel (Kata Guruma), Two Hand Reap (Morote Gari) and Scoop Throw (Sukui Nage).
Judo Throws-Hip Techniques (or Koshi Waza techniques) –
Judo Throws-Sacrifice Techniques (or Sutemi Waza techniques) –
List of Judo Grappling Techniques (or Katame Waza) – These sections contain instructions for a wide range of grappling techniques.

Judo Joint Lock Techniques (or Kansetsu Waza techniques)  such as Triangle Lock (Ude Hishigi Sankaku Gatame), Leg Lock (Ashi Garami) and Bent Arm Lock (Ude Garami).
Judo Pinning Techniques (or Osae Waza techniques) –
Judo Choking Techniques (or Shime Waza techniques) –


So there you go, a list of every Judo technique there is.

Did we miss any?

Comment below to let us know.


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