The One Tip That Will Improve Your Skills Today- Video Included

Training isn’t easy, fighting isn’t easy. Those that disagree either haven’t faced enough opponents or aren’t pushing themselves hard enough.

If you are looking to make improvements to your game here is one tip from Judo that will help. Its called Uchikomi or repetitive practise. The idea is that you drill a technique over an over again with enough power and ‘snap’ that if you didn’t stop it would simply be a powerful throw or lock etc. Now there are numerous ways to use uchikomi such as stationary or moving to name but a few. However if you want to add a good deal of skill to your ability then start training with that ‘snap’ and explosive vigour. Don’t just go through the motions, power your way in and feel the strength in your technique. Training like this will push you harder and gain you improvements far quicker than you can imagine.

So if you are drilling techniques, drill them with snap and effort to make your training as close to the real thing as possible. No matter if you do Judo, BJJ, boxing, RBSD Karate or anything in between. Need proof check out the short videos below. They are amazing. The idea is to make your training motions as real as possible so the real event is as close to your own training as it can be:

The first is called actually throwing practice but you can see the sheer power of the technique the second is uchikomi. Both videos show the snap and drive these fighters train with.

[youtube] [youtube]



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