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The Year in Review- My Web Stats


Wow what a year 2013 was for me in so many ways of which I will disclose my web stats for the year and a few other things.

(scroll to the bottom for the stats!)

Sadly though the year ended with illness for myself which is simple terms appears to be severe asthma however I am awaiting specialist hospital treatment early in 2014 (waiting lists) but I am unable to do the things I love including exercise and also Judo and martial arts training. My mind says yes but my lungs say a big no! I appreciate though that this is likely to be temporary. However it has been life changing and I cant run, walk at a fast pace or go outdoors for long without coughing badly and needing inhaler relief. I am determined to get through this!!

However lets get to the stats. First though let me be clear I am not a ‘pro’ blogger. I dabble in my spare time and enjoy writing and if I wanted to I could probably get a lot more views and visits as I have a good knowledge of SEO tactics. That being said I have no desire to create a blog that gets millions of hits as I have a full time job and blogging simply is a hobby. Many people may not understand this but it is a hobby and I enjoy writing.

I discuss the year later but if you want to read my full webstats report then go here

However in short we have had a modest 98,000 views from 176 countries across the globe in 2013. This data is collected by wordpress itself but I also run google analytics’s and know that its pretty accurate. However I do remember when I started it I got just 11 visits a day!! So I  have done  few things right.

What is interesting is that I have never ever tried to grow the audience via SEO (search engine optimisation). That may sound daft to consider if I know how to increase my views then why wouldn’t I? Well to be honest its because I enjoy writing from the heart and about what I want to write about, I did not want to write to make profits or to earn income. This is a hobby for me.

The Year

This blog and my own reputation has grown significantly this year with the help of a loyal audience and a few brilliant people and would like to thank Anthony Pillage for his words of wisdom and friendship. Steve Pullen MBE for his amazing training and advice, Matt D Aquino  for our Judo chats and of course my friend Georgi Georgiev for being a great friend.

I would also like to give a big shout out to my pals Dave Stretch and Solihull self defence and more recently Andy Norman and Eddie Quinn for our end of year chats and advice, Christopher Roberts of SAFE international and there are so many more so if I haven’t mentioned you I am sorry. A big shout out to all the Primal boys and girls and thanks for your continued support including Matt Frost and Tony Davis at the Combat Resource Centre.

I would also like to thank Dave Turton, The BCA and Peter Consterdine and Dawn and all the people who have both supported me and offered words of advice and encouragement.

It was a year full of ups and downs. We were listed as among the top 50 self defense blogs this year and I got to teach at the Martial Arts Expo the biggest event in the MA calender. However equally sad was my decision to stop teaching which was made for a variety of reasons.

What Next For 2014?

Well at this time my life is up in the air until my health is sorted and that is pretty much where I finish.  Until I get my health sorted I have no idea what the future holds and only then can I make decisions.

This Blog?- Its something I built from scratch and allowed me to grow my knowledge of the web and I have had a few offers to buy it but not for what I would sell it for, however I do not write much any more and a quick look at the site will reveal that A lot of the posts are written by an automated service. Yep modern technology that I tested out.

That doesnt mean that those articles aren’t any good but they are just ways to keep the site alive until I truly decide what to do with it, as stated my priority at this time is simply my health.

What Can You Do?

Well I have always said that people are free to write an article if they want for the site and if you want to then let me know. Other than that thanks for everyone’s support in what has been a year of ups and downs.

Once my health changes I will make my decisions on the future but for now here are my web stats and thanks again for the support and for those of you who are just starting or thinking of starting martial arts blogs and only have a few readers keep at it!

Our stats!

98,000 visits

176 Countries

nearly 10,000 links clicked from articles

Happy New Year





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