January 27

Awareness Training Tool- Its Brilliant and its free!!!




If you are training in martial arts or self defence then awareness training is the most important aspect. It really is that simple!

However it can be very difficult to train awareness. I have in previous years analysed fights on you tube and discussed the science behind things but quite simply it still remains a difficult tactic to train. Personally I found this very annoying as it is perhaps the easiest aspect of self protection, but you can describe to a student how to ‘avoid’ certain people who display certain behaviours, yet as you cant be ‘inside’ their minds you never truly know if they ‘get it’.

Well I have an amazing free training tool to share with you, however before I do so let me explain how this happened. But before I go on I must add this could be a game changer for the self defence world!!

Social Friends

I was hanging out on the Senshido International Facebook page and a guy called Amir Niknam messaged me asking me for some help. He explained how he had a great training system and could I support and share his message.

I am always on the look out for new things so I took a look at his stuff and have to say I was a little shocked and taken back.

He belongs to a new training company called Instinctive Systems. This company uses cognitive behaviour analysis to deal with and avoid threat. Now I wont spoil their stuff for you as they have a great website and an even better you tube channel. However I will talk about their free training tool.

Threat Recognition Trainer

Instinctive Systems have developed an amazing and free training tool called a Threat Recognition Trainer. The basic principle is quite simple  An image flashes across the screen and you have a pre selected amount of time to grade the image. You have to select a colour grading based on the level of threat the situation in the image presents to yourself. Simple but really effective!!

The programme used here is just a basic version but you can imagine how it could grow. Law enforcement, prison, security staff could use this in training to educate and test their staff.

Now I am not going to give you this tool for free. You have to like this post via Facebook or tweet about it to gain access to the link. I know this seems a little harsh but this process is free and it helps both this site to grow and also the amazing training tool from Instinctive Systems to be experienced by the most amount of people we can.

I really do think this works well and it is totally free to use!!!

So the link is below, like or tweet or even google plus the link! Trust me you will really like this!


Andrew Holland

Click the link below to gain access to the Threat Recognition Tool






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