Don’t Judge People By Your Own Standards- Woman Brutally Assaulted on Video

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once again its time for my mini series on awareness to continue. The subject of this post is about how we tend to judge people by our own standards and how this can be a big mistake. Included on this post is the brutal video of a female assaulted by a male. Be warned this video is shocking so if you are easily upset then perhaps you should miss this one as there is something horrible about a male hitting a woman. Oh and just a reminder the new site is coming along fast and looks amazing. Ill let you know once its up and running. Until then visit the old site and sign up for the newsletter and regular posts at the self defence

As human beings we tend to judge people by our own morals and standards. What we think is normal is what we believe others also think. What we find shocking is exactly what we feel others should find shocking. Without getting into a big article about where our morals come from it is reasonable to say that we gain our morals from a variety of sources  however our personal belief systems and social skills are largely influenced by our up bringing. Therefore parents play a massive part in bringing up children and a large part of how a man treats a woman will of course be learned as a result of children witnessing behaviour in the home.

In might be shocking to learn that in 2006 the United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children estimated that between 240,000 and 963,000 children in the UK were exposed to domestic abuse. That was in 2006, so I’m guessing that figure has possibly risen. So it should come as no surprise that some men will be prepared to strike a woman given that so many children have witnessed violence as part of their early childhood.As apart of our general awareness training we have to consider that people will not think like we do, criminals thrive off this indulgence and catch many people off guard. It has long been established that over 80% of victims of rape KNOW the offender!

Now a person may not be brought up to rape and beat women however I know that In march 2010 there were 46,705 children on child protection registers or the subject of child protection plans in the UK alone. ‘a lot of children who grow up in what I would call less than Ideal backgrounds. What is key to take from this fact is that these children will grow into fully functioning adults and will form part of our society. They will go for drinks on the town, they will attend  events that we do and they will live in the same towns we do. Now before people jump onto the band wagon and say that adults who were brought up in good homes as children can also commit offences and children who have terrible upbringings often go on to have normal lives. Yes this is true, I’m not saying that all children who witness violence go on to commit violence however there is a strong link that where children are exposed to violence they often commit it them selves. The core message is that not everyone has shared our good upbringings and have our moral codes of right and wrong and as such these people can cause us physical harm. Being aware of this fact just may help save your life one day.

The clip below shows a woman about to argue with a male in a town centre. The male strikes the woman brutally even grabbing her head first. This male shows no respect for the fact he is hitting a woman who presents him no real physical threat however the female approaches him totally unaware that the male could present this type of risk to her. She hasn’t understood that there is a risk to her from this male.

The learning point of this clip for both males and females isn’t the issue of violence, it is that we should not assume that people wont hurt us just because we wouldn’t hurt a person. People can be nasty and violent and it can happen in a split second. Never underestimate anyone and realise that all humans could pose a threat to us, it is how we manage these situations that is important.

Until next time, keep safe

Andrew Holland


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