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Focus T25 Workout Video Review


Focus T25 Workout Video Review

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The T25 Focus workout is a new and exciting product by the creators of The Insanity Workout. If you would like to see a review of that product please go to https://theselfdefenceexpert.com/insanity-workout-review/

However you are here to see if the T25 Focus workout is worth your hard earned cash!!!

In short yes but I need to explain why:

One of my major gripes around the insanity workout was the cost and also the time you had to workout. It was just like giving up an hour of your time and to be honest I personally dont like giving up an hour of my time to workout. I want short but fast and intensive workouts that really hit the spot.

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I personally am  I huge fan of Funk Roberts Workouts because he offers far cheaper and in my opinion better workouts however they are ones that you have to do by yourself and if you need a follow along video programme then the insanity dvd and the Focus T25 DVD are among the best I have tried.

Focus 25 is of course the latest fitness workout from Shaun T and as the title suggests the workouts last for just 25 minutes. Now this for me was the appealing part as I loved the insanity workouts but hated the fact they went on so long.

The DVD pack as always comes with quite a lot and it is clearly a lot cheaper than Insanity. In essence though the core programme is made up of two workout cycles Alpha and Beta and as you can imagine Beta is harder than Alpha. Now lets break up the programme and show why is differs from Insanity

Time- Clearly the time is far less

Bodyweight- Yes the body weight workouts are here as well

Equipment!!! Now this is a new bit and Focus T25 actually brings in Dumb bells and also gives you free resistance bands

This is a nioce touch to actually get you to use those dumbells that have been gathering dust in your cupboard

Now for the big question!!!! Is Focus T25 Better than the Insanity Workout?


 T25 is a great workout and fun but it is bo way as hard as insanity, I recall the insanity workouts and remember thinking the warm up was hard enough but I breezed the T25 Beta stage until about 20 minutes in. Now that isnt to say it is not a good product because it is, it is great for those people who want a workout and find insanity to be just Insane.

So I place the workout actually pretty high up there in terms of workout DVD’S and if you purchase it you will have fun and enjoy it. The core workouts on the programme however I did find really good and intense and have to say they were pretty darn amazing.

Now If you area reading this you will know that this is actually a martial arts blog but as fitness is a major part of martial arts  I find it fits in nicely. However this product available at https://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/focus-t25-workout.do

is not going to cut the mustard for martial artists. Yes its a good programme and I did enjoy it but its not as tough as other workouts out there.  It would make an excellent dvd though for those in average shape looking to get fitter and tone up but dont have the time which is pretty much everyone in the world these days.

Its great for working families, busy mums, parents or anyone who gets home and hasnt the energy to drive to the gym but wants a workout.

Now there are alternatives out there for those looking for tougher workouts.

My current favourite is Funk Roberts Workouts and he has an excellent Burpee workout ( click here for more info) that is on offer right now so please check it out.

For a great new site that has tons of free workouts so you dont have to spend a penny please go to

https://highintensitytrainingworkouts.com/ this site is really growing fast becasue it offers very good free workouts and is great for trainers and any one looking to get fit.

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