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5 Awesome Ways To Add Judo To Your Self Defence Training


Judo self defence

I keep hearing it all the time……Chatter about what will or wont work.

The sad fact is this, most self-defence instructors out there are stealing money by teaching techniques that simply won’t work.  But how do you know your level of ability?

Well, here is a little tip for you….. go and do some Judo!

I first started trying Judo when I was 18. Having just joined the police I had seen how BJJ had done in the UFC however when I went to the bookstore (no internet in those days) to learn more about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I came across Judo books.

Almost every book saw was written by Neil Adams MBE, and I was amazed at the sheer variety of techniques.

I had at this point been boxing for a long time so  I was a ‘handy lad’, butI knew joining the police would require me to develop a different skill set.

At police training college I had been reading Geoff Thompsons book called Dead or Alive (still the best self-defence book in the world) and inside he advocated learning Judo. So I decided to try some.

My first experience about Judo was denial. I believe my fitness and strength would make me a world champion within six months after all Judo is for kids …right?

I still recall gripping up in with a black belt and moving around when all of a sudden I was on my back. What happened?  I got up and tried it again. Seconds later my feet were swept from underneath me by this ageing and fragile looking old guy!

From that day, I knew Judo was amazing.

Today my friend Wayne Poulter who is a highly respected self-defence instructor with a Judo background shares his modified Judo for self-defence. The videos were filmed at a charity martial arts seminar a few days ago and in each video Wayne shows some concepts for groundwork and training you need to watch.

Hold on……… this is like MMA, which isn’t self-defence is it?

I keep getting this asked all the time. However, you need to go and look at youtube and watch youngsters fighting. They are using MMA moves all the time, they are taking fights to the ground, and you need to be able to fight in this range.

It is no longer good enough to teach “get up as quick as you can” because that same person is likely to be able to get you to the ground again! You need to start teaching answers to the MMA style. Now that doesn’t mean you need to learn MMA, but self-defence now MUST include things like breaking the guard, armbar escapes, side mount escapes and more.

In this video series Wayne Poulter teaches some essential groundwork skills that non-Judoka could learn from.

Wayne runs Budo Practical Martial Arts here in the UK.

Let’s look at the videos Wayne has kindly let us use and go through each one. Enjoy


1.How To Start Ground Work For Self Defence

In the video below Wayne makes an excellent point about how to train groundwork for self-defence. Trust me this is well worth watching.

2. Breaking The Guard on The Street

“Never go to the ground”…. Yes, Grandpa, we keep hearing this same old story but what if you end up there with some young MMA guy who has watched too many UFC fights and played around with his mates. This is where Waynes video comes in handy as he shows you how to break the guard.

3. Dealing With Side Control

If you are on the ground with a monster on top this is for you, also cops could use this know how when they are dealing with more  skilled fighters on the ground

4. The Armbar For The Street

It’s brutal and you need to know how it works.

5.  Armbar Escapes

You do not  want some  young punk to break your arm, hear Wayne shows you how to escape with your arm and your dignity.


Ok if you do BJJ or Judo already this post is not for you but for all those out there who haven’t  a clue how to fight on the ground then this article will have hopefully helped you in some way


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