January 3

The Best Martial Arts


I often get asked by people “what are the best martial arts?”. It is a very interesting question. One of which I am sure we all have differences of opinion. However this is a quote that you may like and I feel this goes some way to answering the question of what are the best martial arts?

“There are many ways in which a good job can be done…. as many ways, in fact as there are men to whom the task is given”

Crawford H Greenewalt

So this will now be my new stock answer when I get the question of what are the best martial arts. There is no best way or best martial art, every person can find their own way and often does. It is about finding what suits yourself. Sometimes one art will be enough, other times a person will study several and other times a person will be creative and produce an innovative approach to martial arts.

In short there are many good martial arts out there. There is no martial art that is best!

Take care and keep safe




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