November 10

The End of Keysi Fighting Method- Andy Norman and Justo Dieguez No Longer working Together



It is with sad news that I have to confirm that Andy Norman is no longer part of the Keysi Fighting Method Company  following the departure of its co founder Andy Norman form the kfm system. It is also worthy of note that the website of the kfm company is down today!

I had heard a few rumours and seen some photos of Andy Norman co founder of Keysi promoting something called Defence Labs. However due to various commitments of my own I thought it was just a case of another project Andy Norman was working on.

Yet after a conversation yesterday I heard that Andy had left KFM and it was dead. A quick check on facebook and confirmation form Andy Norman and a few others has revealed that KFM as it was is dead!

I personally have endorsed KFM and know friends who train in the system so I did have to say I was disappointed to hear the news. KFM was a breath of fresh air in the martial arts world and helped along with the success of the Batman Films it had become a global success.

So what now? What happens to all the KFM students out there? To be honest i dont know and once I find out so will you. Yet it is clear that Andy Norman who is perhaps the most innovative and productive martial arts instructor in recent years has something up his sleeve. This is of course the Defence Lab project.


At this time I don’t know what Defence Labs is all about however I expect it to be the system that Andy would have liked Keysi to have been if there was no Justo Dieguez (the founder of Keysi). So we will see something new, possibly something corporate in its structure. I am of course very excited and to be honest at first I though the name Defence Lab sounded terrible. Yet after a good nights sleep I have settled down with the idea and quite like it. I will look forward to learning more about this project.

However for now let it be known that Keysi Fighting Method as it was is no more, the Keysi Fighting Method has finished and Andy Norman and Justo Dieguez are no longer working together on Keysi/KFM. Will Justo keep it going, I expect so. It will probably continue and some instructors will follow Justo and Some Andy.

Personally I cant rate Andy Norman high enough. Having trained with him at a Seminar I can say that he talks pure sense so  I cant wait to learn more about Defence Labs. Im hoping to get more information on this system as soon as I can. However until then good luck to both Justo and Andy.

Lets see what the future brings, I believe that Defence Labs will be something special.


Andrew Holland





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  1. weather it is a dead system or not I still wish to learn it so if there are any schools near buffalo i am truly interested. Thank you.

  2. Hey look kfm can’t be over i’v just started 2-3 weeks ago and i’v got to say kfn is the best 🙂

  3. KFM broke because people found out it’s a load of marketing BS. KFM is not Justo’s “invention” like he claims, it’s simply FMA from the former training he had in JKD.

  4. Hi guys, Keysi Fighting Method is far from dead, in fact it’s evolving in a way.

    Justo and Andy have decided to part ways and their reasons are not a matter for public discussion.

    However Justo Dieguez will rebrand as Keysi and Andy Norman will rebrand as Defence Lab.

    The majority of the KFM instructors in the UK and Internationally are keen to work with Andy to support the Defence Lab.

    I have been teaching Keysi but will also be moving over to Defence Lab shortly.

    The difference between the two will be minimal initially as both martial arts will still be based on instinct, multiple attacker scenarios and urban combat techniques, however they will now evolve based on where the individual founders wish to take them.

    It goes to show that in not all cases ‘divided they fall’ I for one am very excited about the change and the instructors loyal to one founder or another will follow suit, meaning that there are now to headline martial arts on the planet!

    Defence Lab will also be working off the fact that not only was Andy Norman part of the Batman team he also personally ran all the martial arts in MI3 and is now working with Tom Cruise on his latest movie.

    Defence Lab is born and will thrive! Watch this space guys! 🙂

    1. hi yes i was part of the old kfm system and i respect them both,i m now as instructor in defence lab and honestly i can say with full faith that andy is doing a really never before seen thing with defence lab that i am so proud to teach and excited to teach that i m seeing all new training methods plus things i cant even announce here as well all in all i m so addicted to defence lab that i can only wait to learn more,andy really is an inspiration to all of us here at defence lab

  5. The website and online university are gone because it was part of a now disolved partnership not because Keysi is currently dead in any form. I can tell you for fact both will be releasing new videos and both already have new websites up and under construction. Just like any business if you lose staff or partners they are replaced and business continues on. I agree with you that the KFM with Andy and Justo together as a team is over but as long as there are schools around the world teaching the same Keysi method unchanged how is it gone? Remember also Justo is the original founder of Keysi. Someone may have told you that its dead but honestly I would also listen to the current Keysi instructors around the world and what there telling you since we also have a direct relationship with Justo and are first to know about whats really going on behind the scenes. I appreciate your good words in your reply and wish you a great day. : )

    KFM Winchester Academy

  6. To write that KFM is dead is outrageous. Andy Norman did indeed leave KFM to pursue his own project defense labs but why would that mean KFM is dead? Where would you come up with that? Justo Diequez is the founder and originator of the KFM and while some instructors did go with Andy and become defense lab schools some the others stayed with justo and continued on with the real and true KFM. Business as usual. There are still KFM instructors and schools word wide I’m the U.k. Spain, America, Canada and more. The world conference was recently held in Spain and in December there will be an instructor conference in the USA followed by a weekend seminar for students and the public. The new KFM website is http://www.Keysi-world. Com. Anyone who needs info on finding a school near them I would be glad to help…. Joel Singhas, Chief instructor KFM Winchester ( USA) www.

    1. Hi folks, this reply will hopefully cover a lot of the other replies on this article. Firstly “KFM as it was is dead”. That is the exact quote I got from a person who is heavily involved in KFM. I will not give you his name but basically that is what I was told. However of course KFM is dead. How could it not be. Both Justo and Andy formed and created the KFM legacy and whilst Justo will certainly go forward with Keysi and Andy Norman with Defence Lab the Keysi that we know and love will forever change and be gone.

      Personally I feel that both Justo and Andy will go on to achieve massive things in their own right, however for the Moment Keysi as it was is dead in the water. The website went down and the on line syllabus went as well. As a huge supporter of KFM over the years I was shocked and slightly ‘gutted’ about the situation, yet I believe great things can come from both people as a result of this.

      And I repeat the phrase “KFM as it was is dead” did not come from me, it came from a top of the Keysi food chain source and how could anyone argue.
      From a business point of view this is a real issue. KFM has lost some of its key members who will follow Andy Norman. It is a company that has lost a lot of its board of directors. These are people who have sworn by KFM over the years.

      I do appreciate the KFM instructors all over the world. They have a great product, It is a great system, however to take Andy Norman out is like taking flour out of the cake mix. A key ingredient has gone. We are still to say how each cake will rise.

      I hope that answers your question about where I got the phrase KFM is dead, however I still feel it is correct. The new version of KFM may be even better. Only time will tell. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what develops from both Andy and Justo. Whatever happens both are true pioneers and I still believe and will publicly say that Keysi was the best Self Defence system available in the modern world.

      All the best Andy

  7. Without getting too much into details, what simply happened is that both founders had differences of opinion in terms of marketing KFM and therefore they decided to call the quits., Mr. Norman decided to call his new project DEFENSE LABS and Mr. Diéguez, who decided to go back to the very roots of the creation of KFM, simply decided to call his KEYSI. If you need a more common example, just think of Puff Daddy, who decided at some point to simply call himself Puffy or Snoop Doggy Dog, who he decided to call himself simply Snopp Dogg. Both artists are very much alive and kickin’. I can assure you that all the core elements have remained intact and then some. As a competent journalist and critic, I trust that you will not only contact Mr. Norman for more info, but that you also intend to get in touch with Mr. Diéguez in order to get both sides of the coin. That’s precisely what I did before choosing who to follow as I was one of the last instructors to render his final decision on who to follow. Mr. Diéguez will be in North America in two weeks to discuss his project. If you wish to have more info on the matter, feel free to contact him personally.


  8. Hi everybody,
    I, has the only french keysi Instructor attest that keysi/kfm is not dead!!
    The name will be ” KEYSI by Justo Dieguez”, and you still can follow us on the new website:
    The best will come!!!
    ¡ Nunca te rindas!

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