Vale Tudo- Amazing footage

When a lot of people hear that I started training MMA long before it was called MMA they dont understand  however I always go into further details and say I trained in Vale Tudo. Brazilian Vale Tudo basically means ‘Anything Goes’and it was perhaps the most amazing time of my martial arts life.

I trained in Vale Tudo for about 3 years and sure did enjoy it.My coach at the time had trained all over the world and with the best Brazilians going. So when I see footage like this it brings back a lot of memories,

I sure hope you enjoy it, not for its brutality but for the skill. These fighters are just as good as a lot of MMA warriors earning good cash.

The video shows very talented Brazilians just doing their thing, no big fancy venues, no cages.These are people with virtually no cash but lots of skill.

Hope you enjoy this video that shows Vale Tudo. This one is a straight forward watch it, no facebook share stuff or tweet.Just click to play.


Andrew Holland


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