April 26

Everything you Should Know about Seoi Nage starring Israel Hernandez DVD Review


Where should I start with this dvd review. Well I am a seoi nage specialist and as such I dont think I have ever wanted to see a dvd more than this one. The trailer promises a new type of product, it wets the appetite for a seoi spectacular. Seoinage is the shoulder throw in Judo that can be used and is used in almost all grappling sports however this is a Judo dvd but could easily transfer into bjj.

Ok so lets get to it, thats the idea of the grappling review, short snappy reviews that mean you spend more time on the mat and less time on your laptop looking for product reviews.

The dvd is by Isreal Hernandez, a former Cuban Judo star who twice won bronze medals in the Olympics.  It starts with a bit of an explanation about the lack of competition footage. This is basically due to the cost involved in buying the footage. This for me is the sad part. That he couldnt put his own footage into the dvd due to cost. Whoever owns the footage, shame on you. That is not the Judo spirit and this product should enhance Judo so why not give it for free or cheap!!! The dvd doesnt suffer as a result of this lack of footage but it would have been nice.

If you were expecting a dvd of Israel showing how to destroy opponents with seoi nage then this isnt the set for you. Instead this DVD has taken the route of being more like a tour of seoi nage. It shows the steps, the variations, the counters, the grips and the exercises. It lists them and then Isreal shows them. The sad part is that there is little explanation of each throw. It isnt a dvd full of explanation. However I would describe this as a fast tour which you can slow down at any time using the slow motion button on your dvd.

Ok is it any good. Well it costs $46 so its not too cheap and at 57 minutes long it isnt on for  a long time. That doesnt really answer the question does it. Well thats because I really cant answer it easily. The DVD is not going to be to everyones tastes however you can learn a great deal from it. The sheer quality of Israels throwing is amazing and the throws here are world class. You can learn  a lot just through watching this. The dvd has a ton of variations, defences and by watching it your knolwedge of seoi nage goes up.

Ok its not a totally classic product, however it is one of its kind. Is it good, yes but only really for Judoka who are looking to know more about seoi. It isnt a great beginners product as the variations are complicated. It isnt a dvd of how to do seoi nage more like a tour of seoinage and this it does very well. I have to say this is what the dvd is supposed to be, even at the beginning this is explained. It is a dvd about fundementals and this it does very well.

Will I buy a version of this dvd for another throw? Well that would depend if the throw is one I like and use. This dvd is just for those who use seoinage, so those big and tall guys will stay away and so they should as it gives far too many defences lol!!. I have to say the quality of the dvd is excellent and it achieves what it sets out to do. The lack of instruction on the dvd is its only draw back, there could have been a lot more but again this isnt what the dvd is trying to achieve

So if you want to know a lot about seoi nage then this dvd does the job. Its simply a great guide to fundementals and variations. The DVD therefore gets a 4 stars out of 5. Losing out due to the lack of detailed instruction. Its a great product for coaches and seoi nage specialists. The dvd would benefit all Judo players as it simply is a great guide to seoinage.

End result 4 out of 5 Great product and a benefit to all. It isnt a dvd of how Israel Hernandez throws but a guide to seoi nage that will benefit coaches and players. Well done to Isreal and his partners in this product. A geat first dvd and I would love to see Israel doing a set just about how he throws. He is clearly a great coach and he knows his stuff. Also of note is his interview at the end of the dvd which I found very useful. I do want them to bring out other products but less money on the filming and more rough footage like Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi did with there grip fighting dvd would be useful. Sometimes the no frills approach works better.

Great dvd and well done for this. Look forward to seeing more from this company.

Available from Isvael sport.



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