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Georgii Zantaraia Technique Break Down- Osoto and more!


Georgii Zantaraia Technique Break Down

Georgii Zantaraia is a former world Judo Champion and one of the best players ever seen when I was scouting for possible videos for I found this video of Georgii Zantaraia and was blown away and wanted to study it, however I decided to go one step further so I could  study the video better. By breaking the video up and using Gifs I have been able to study the various techniques without the use of a pause or rewind function.

Please share this with anyone who would benefit from seeing the techniques broken down for study. This post is short and sweet and packed with gifs so enjoy like and share

I have deliberately not added many notes to the videos, I dont think I am skilled or knowledgeable to pass comment but I have found the footage useful and so might you

First the original video

[su_youtube url=””]

Now the gif breakdowns:

[su_heading size=”25″]Osoto Gari[/su_heading]

Osoto Gari

zantariai osoto 1


I wont make too many notes on here however for the benefit of the BJJ and other grapplers reading this you will see Georgiis right hand sharply pull the left sleeve of the opponent as he reaps, he has the arm pinned to his chest whilst his left arm comes well around the head

Osoto 2- A more classical variation

zantarai osoto 2

Osoto fail into a harai goshi (I believe)

zanti osoto combo 1


[su_heading size=”25″]Hip Throw[/su_heading]

Ive included a few hip throws here as well.

Zant hip 1

zanti hip 1


zanti hip 2

[su_heading size=”25″] Uchimata[/su_heading]



zant uchi 1



and finally here is the man himself in action:

[su_youtube url=””]


As always, please like and share


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