Greg Jacksons Mixed Martial Arts- The Ground Game book review

Hi folks,

once again Im back with another short snappy book review so that you can decide whats good and whats not and get back on the mat. So here we go.

The subject of todays review is the book called the ground game by Greg Jackson and its published by victory belt books again. This is the second part of a two book series as Greg has released the standup side to MMA. So what is this book like?

As with all of Victory Belts books this is a classy and glossy affair. Its packed with detailed photos all of which are in full colour. Love em or hate em, this publisher has set a standard for martial arts books that you need to follow if you want to sell.

But what of the content I HEAR YOU SCREAM?The content is excellent as you would expect from the coach of leading fighters such as GSP and Rashad Evans. This is really cool stuff, everything is No Gi so Pure Judo guys and BJJ guys may not enjoy as much as me, however its really cool, sweeps, chokes and everything in between is covered with great text. This review isnt a long one because this is simply put a really good book. Its a case of nice to have and not need to have.

There is nothing amazing in this book thats worth getting it for, and at the same time there is nothing wrong with it. I really like it, I am still reading from it and of course I really have enjoyed it. The book will not likely give you anything new but its a nice book and the quality jumps from the pages. A fair amount of money is invested in this book and it shows. Also there is a nice nutrition part at the beginning thats adds to this text albeit a little out of context, considering it is a pure grappling book, some featues on that would be better placed and this saved for a conditioning book.

Ok so now its the crunch time, do I think its worth the price tag and worth the cash from your hard earned hands. Yes and no. If you like to buy grappling books and have some cash then yes, otherwise no. I liked this book, however nothing new came from it but it was enjoyable. A really good present yes, but not a book I would rush out to get. It will not take your game higher but it will be an enjoyable read.

Its all good stuff and if you havent spent much cash on grappling gthen this is a great purchase. Yiu wont be dissapointed, however I would have liked the stuff that makes GSP AND Evans so great. This is fairly standard stuff.

the result 3 out of 5. A great book but notning new, considering who Greg Jackson is I would have wanted more.



get it and enjoy but not an essential purchase


Andrew Holland


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