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The Best Book on Grappling, Judo and BJJ ever written!




I thought it was about time that I showed you a product that will help your grappling skills reach a level you never thought possible. It doesn’t matter what level you are at and if its BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Judo or Sambo there is a book that stands out above all others. However as it is not written by Victory belt, a Gracie or even a UFC star you are unlikely to have ever heard of it. I have reviewed it quickly once before but decided to give you a chance to get a more detailed look.

The book is called WINNING ON THE MAT and its written by a guy called Steve Scott. Steve is a top US Judo and Sambo coach and has personally coached of 350 athletes who have won titles in National U.S titles in Judo, sambo and Jiu Jitsu, so needless to say he is an expert.As if this wasn’t enough Jimmy Pedro (2 Time Judo Olympic Medal Winner) himself also endorses this book. He says

“Every Serious competitor or practitioner will benefit from this book”

OK the first thing you should know about this book is its size. At 427 pages long it is thick, heavy and will give you that warm feeling inside when you get it through the post. You know the feeling, when your book arrives and you have something special that is going to take a while to read.

Now the actual book is packed full of photos, however they are all in black and white. This may put some people off but I beg you don’t let this one small factor change your mind. The photos are well taken and large so you can clearly see all you need to.

Inside this book the following chapters are included:

  1. Intro
  2. Winning Concepts
  3. Tachiwaza- The Difference Between a Throw and a Takedown
  4. Grip Fighting
  5. Defence
  6. Forward Throws
  7. Knee Drop Throws
  8. Unchimata
  9. Pick Up Throws
  10. Osoto Gari and Harai Goshi
  11. O Uchi Gari
  12. leg Hooks
  13. Foot sweeps
  14. Tai Otoshi
  15. Sacrafice Throws
  16. Newaza – Ground Work
  17. Osaekomi- Pins
  18. Breakdowns
  19. Pin Escapes
  20. Arm Locks
  21. Ude Garami
  22. Strangling Techniques
  23. Some Final Thoughts!
Wow, that’s 23 chapters and at the moment the price is just £21.24 on Amazon UK.
Now you may be thinking that you don’t know the names of the throws above especially if you are a BJJ fighter. please don’t let that bother you. The names are just names used internationally by Judo players. The throws are still all the top throws used by Judo and Sambo Players including the banned ones.
Each chapter is packed full of photos and text that accompanies each one, for example in the Ouchi Gari chapter there are 44 photos! Steve really has done a great job here with this book as after each photo there is a great deal of text showing the learning points.
The book is heavily devoted to throwing techniques but there is a very good groundwork section that showcases several chokes, armlocks and pins as well.In these chapters you will get some real nifty and quick moves that I’ve started to use already and have had success with.
Now before I finish off and give you a link to find out more and buy the book let me tell you the best part of this book. For me the photos are not just of some guy in a studio. Instead the vast majority of photos show the techniques in competition. These photos break down exactly what’s happening for real, when a real person throws someone in competition or chokes a person on the mat. This is a stand out feature of the book that is lacking in other MMA/ grappling books on the market.
This for me is the Best grappling book out there when it comes to standing throwing and groundwork, and I will state right now that it is the best book on grappling ever written. The techniques are real winning throws and moves that you can use today. It is written from the perspective of a multi skilled grappler who competes in various events and even has no gi throws and moves included also.
Follow the link below to find out more and to buy from Amazon which is where I got it.
For more information on this great product click on the book image which will send you directly to Amazon UK



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