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The Public Citizens No Deal Brexit Survival Guide


The Public Citizens 

No Deal Brexit

Survival Guide

If you live in Britain you will have heard of Brexit, and the sever consequences of crashing out of Europe with no deal.

There are possibilities of severe travel delays, food shortages, medicine shortages and even the possibility of a lack of clean water, in fact the governments own worst case scenario will see the UK revert to third world status.

So....what are you going to do?

Well in this must read article we have created your ultimate guide to surviving a no deal Brexit.

Ready? Let's do this.

Chapter 1: Water Supply

The government has been forced to publish their report into the worst possible outcomes for no deal Brexit and water supply was one that featured.

Now, the chances of being a disruption to water supply is considered low...but if you have concerns you still need to plan for this.

How To Purify Water

Living in Britain we are often surrounded by rivers, streams, lakes and even canals.

But, of course you can't drink water from these sources unless it is purified first.

Please click the button to learn how you can use a wide range of methods to purify water in the case of emergency.

How To Find Water In The Wild

In the unlikely event that the water supply is turned off or interrupted you might need to start looking for sources of water further afield.

Click the button to learn how to find water in the wild.

How To Collect Rain Water

We have already talked about how to purify water, but what about collecting large amounts?

Rain water is by far the best resource for water that we have in Britain and if you want to know how to start collecting rain water, click the button and you will soon have a ready supply of water for not only drinking, but washing and hygiene needs. 

Chapter 2 Food Supply

With Christmas fast approaching and Winter in full swing, a no deal Brexit is likely to have a serious effect on two issues. 

Firstly the availability of food and secondly the price, this in combination with the disruptions to the haulage industry could cause many who are already struggling to afford fresh food to have to go without.

Check out the resources below to learn how you can grow your own food and survive in a food crisis.

How To Grow Your Own Food With Hydroponics

Hydroponics is the way to grow food for yourself and you might find this really useful if food starts to run out.

Click the button below to read more.

How To Start An Urban Garden

With the possibility of food in short supply, you are wise to start an urban garden right now.

So, what exactly is an Urban Garden?

Well, simply put it is the creation of a garden in a urban space....and by urban space I do mean a bookshelf, a patio or even a balcony.

Click the button to learn how to creat your Urban Garden for food. 

How To Stockpile Food

OK, so you know that a no deal Brexit might cause chaos, so now might be a good time to stockpile food.

But this isn't a case of buying a few extra tins of beans. 

Stockpiling food is a serious business that can make the no deal transition a lot more comfortable.

Click the button to learn all you need to know about stockpiling food.

Chapter 3 Medical Supplies

Many people rely on medicines for survival and while the government has assured us that we will have access to medicines, there is a strong possibility we won't.

However, in my opinion the medicines will not be the issue, it will be the demand on our hospitals and GP surgeries that will cause the chaos.

With winter approaching the strain on public services will be far greater and as such you will possibly need to look to natural remedies to reduce the discomfort of many illnesses.

And our resource list below is all about helping you to use what you can to ease any burden on the NHS.

Home Remedies For Colds and Flu

Everyone hates colds and the flu....but  the NHS are often inundated with doctors appointments for the common cold.

Surprisingly there are a number of home remedies that are worth making sure you have in stock.

Click the button to learn more.

Home Remedies For Asthma

As a chronic asthmatic myself, the risk of a no deal Brexit is scary.

So, I have been researching this for a while now.

Ultimately mediation is the best route to control Asthma but there are some home remedies that can help. 

Home Remedies For Sickness

Nothing is worse than having a stomach bug and usually they pass, but sometimes they require treatment.

But in the vent of a no deal Brexit, you might find access to chemists or even your Doctors an issue, so click the button to find a wide range of home remedies to try.

Chapter 4: Travel Disruption

With ports backed up on day one of a no deal Brexit, you will find that your travel plans might be effected.

You might be stuck with your family in gridlock or sat waiting for days for a plane in an airport. Either way our tips will help you to get through the issues.

The Travel Essentials Checklist

Before setting off on a journey you need to be prepped.

Click the button to access a handy checklist for your vehicle. 

Surviving Being Stranded At An Airport

We are not really sure how Brexit will effect air travel, however if you become stranded this guide will help to make the stay more manageable.



How To Survive In Your Car In Snow Storm

OK, so this has nothing to do with no deal, but winter is coming, so if you end up stranded in a snow storm it is well worth clicking on the guide to see how you can prepare when travelling in severe snow.

Chapter 5 Street Disorder

This scenario is likely to happen.

With food and medicines in either short supply or at super high cost, people will be unhappy and protests will take place.

So, this section will be dedicated to your personal and home safety.

How To Riot Proof Your Home

If civil unrest happens you need to protect your home.

Make sure you click the button to check out how you can riot proof your home.

How To Stay Safe In A Riot

It might happen outside your home, where you work or as you travel, but if you find yourself in the middle of a riot, you need to know what to do.

Click the button for the riot survival guide.

How To Fight An Attacker

It is likely that you could end up having to fight to protect your home or yourself.

Therefore you need to know how to fight.

Click the link to learn how to defeat any attacker with an amazing self-defence technique that can be learned in hours. 


So there you have it, our guide to surviving the worst case scenario of a no deal Brexit.

It might not happen, it might be all ok, but a little bit of knowledge will help you to manage if it all goes wrong.

Thanks for reading

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