February 7

A Review of DNA Fight Science Online Training By Defence Lab



If you are a regular reader to this blog then you will know we love Defence Lab. Founded by Andy Norman I have been following this system for some time and even dabbled in it as well.

I have reviewed Defence Lab here  and I can tell you that after 25 years in the martial arts with experience in Boxing and Judo that this system rocks! It really blows your mind with its self defence applications.

As you can image when Andy Norman and Defence Lab announced recently that they would be selling a new dvd programme that was entirely online then I got a tad excited. But then something I could never have imagined happened. One of my all time favourite actors announced to the world on youtube that Andy Norman and DNA Fight science was a fantastic self protection method. That actor was of course Liam Neeson, star of TAKEN 3, Batman Begins and star wars!

Here is that video:

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/fZQ7Pza-CoI”]

So when DL offered and early bird price which was less than the cost of a takeaway pizza I jumped at the chance to get this new training package and wow I wasnt disappointed.

The package has a range of short but very informative videos and study manuals to support learning in DNA or Defence n Attack as it is known. DNA is a core component of the Defence Lab system and  is pretty dynamic.

The package itself has the following sections:

DNA- Empty hand

Ground and pound



and for those who purchased the early bird you were treated to a range of cool bonuses and I wont review these as Im not sure if they will be kept in the package for people to buy at the higher price but trust me they are awesome bonuses.

Each section has a range of videos which show the techniques in slow motion, full speed and they have some amazing graphics which show case the exact things you should be focused on whilst you are watching and then replicating. This was for me a new and very superb concept. Graphical overlay is new to the self defence instruction industry as a whole and the videos are crisp, high definition and very informative.

The 4 Man Fight

One of the key aspects of the DL system is that they have always focused on fights where you have the odds against you, and this package explores this. To find yourself against 4 opponents is rare but this is the system that deals with this from day 1! The online package looks into this and this is very impressive to watch.

I really find this kind of training very thought provoking and I think you will too.

The other additions to the training package show the real depth of DL and DNA and how it appeals to a variety of people. MMA lovers will find the ground and pound section ‘game changing’ whilst the knife and stick fans will be blown away with Andy Normans skills and techniques and yes you get to see the man himself in action.

Without doubt I highly recommend you get this training package and see for yourself what Defence Lab and DNA is all about to learn more click here. After all if Liam Neeson recommends the system and I recommend the product you cant go wrong!





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