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A Review of Matt D Aquino’s “University of Judo” The membership site


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Hi Folks and welcome to this product review of Matt D Aquinos University of Judo

I am very pleased to bring to you this amazing review of the latest product from 2008 Olympian in Judo Matt D Aquino who is from the Beyond Grappling website. Matt is one of the few Judoka out there who are prepared and or motivated to bring you their knowledge. Lets face it other than Jimmy Pedro, Rhadi Ferguson, Georgi Georgiev, Fighting Films and Matt D Aquino there are few modern Judo players who have got off their backsides to do anything to grow the skill levels of players.

Having been a long time subscriber of Matt’s amazing you tube channel, his newsletters and email blasts I went head first and purchased his first product ‘Workouts for Judo’ some time ago. This was a great book and the workouts got me into shape quickly.I later got his second book called Strength Training for Judo and again this was even better. So when I heard Matt was doing an new product I was first in line.

University of Judo

The product he has developed is a membership site called “University of Judo”. This is a pay by the month service with no contracts so you can cancel at any time. It also contains Matt s 60 day money back guarantee, so there is no way you can lose. Its an impressive deal to be honest, so I was convinced enough to purchase this service.


So what’s inside the doors of the University of Judo. Well I think the title of the site answers that because it really is a University dedicated to Judo. More than that I would describe it as the worlds first on line resource site for Judo techniques and instruction. It is an amazing package!

After signing in you are greeted with a basic membership site screen with menus. The menus are quite clear and take you straight to the meat of the site. These sections are Technique library containing over 300 videos, strength and conditioning, Resources, Competition Analysis and forum- (there is a home and contact tab as well).

Now on any normal review I would take you into each section and talk about each video, not today because I haven’t the time or the energy. That is because there is simply too much footage and resources on the site. I personally have never seen a site like this before. An example could be the Strength and Conditioning section. Inside this are sub tabs with dumbells,barbells, kettlebells, recovery, body weight and grip training sections.Click on each of these sections and you get numerous videos and exercises.

Click  on the resources section and you get to read all of Matt’s amazing books (very annoying Matt as I already own them, but great for new people to your sites) and of course the technique section is beyond belief!!


Yes 300 videos filmed by Matt that break down all the best techniques out there, not just how to throw but also how to get those throws to work in competition  This certainly is amazing inside knowledge from an ex Olympic level Judo player who has trained all over the world (Including Japan) and it is all here. Throws, ground work, sweeps the list goes on and on it even has a section on gripping!!

Add to this further sections of diet and of course the amazing competition analysis. This is really where Matt shows off his knowledge. He takes Judo matches and showcases the skills on display and the techniques and tactics used. You  even have Matt on video in the corner of the screen as the main match plays. He pauses the videos and points out various things as the fight goes on. To top it all off there is even a forum!!!


I have simply never seen this type of product done in any martial arts, let alone Judo. It really has set the standard for membership services and sites. The price is $49 which after tax and vat is £39 per month for those in the UK. Is this a lot of money? Well not when you consider just what the site has. However Matt makes it clear that you get access to him. Each video is loaded with contact forms where you can ask a question about a technique or any aspect of the site. This really is like having your own personal Olympic level coach on stand by. Almost every video, technique and page on the site has a function where you can contact Matt and certainly he really does want this to be a great experience for every person who pays. So for £39 you get all the videos and Matt as your personal coach.

We are talking here about 300 plus videos, e books, forums, competition analysis and more all done by a former Olympic level Judoka!! In my opinion the price is just right. The information on offer WILL help you throw more people, to tap out more fighters and get fitter, stronger and healthier.

I really cannot see a downside of this site. Oh yes there is just one issue. Be prepared to lose hours of your life!!! I really mean this, you can get lost on this site for hours because there is so much content and I know Matt is adding to it all the time.

I don’t earn any money for this review, it is an honest review of a great product. I really do recommend it for Judo players, coaches, BJJ and Sambo players and all other martial artists wanting to take their games to the next level, I especially recommend it to those Judoka trying to make it on to national squads and also those trying to get their black belts.

If you don’t believe me go and take his no risk offer, I’m sure you won be disappointed. However its 5 out of 5,I know that this site has a limit of about 100 people. So when you consider Matt has over 4,000 people on his mailing list alone you get the impression that if you into get in on the action now you will be missing out!

The bottom line, University of Judo is amazing!!! You could not be disappointed by this product. I wasn’t and I have already picked up so much information. Well done Matt for putting an amazing product out there for people to gain from. Thanks.

Take Care


Click the link to get to the site www.universityofjudo.com







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